Senior Appointments – Assistant Chief Constable

Assistant Chief Constable Recruitment


Introduction from our Chief Constable

Thank you for your interest in developing your career with Lancashire Constabulary. We believe in individuality, diversity, and initiative – people who can be counted on – not simply counted.

We have a fantastic force of over 6,000 police officers and staff, all sharing a passion and determination for keeping Lancashire’s people safe.  Here at Lancashire Constabulary we are committed to a nationally recognised set of behaviours and values. All employees who join the team believe in a common code of ethics and are dedicated to demonstrating all that this entails and creating an inclusive and open-minded workforce that reflects our local communities. Serving our public respectfully and fairly with integrity and transparency is at the heart of everything we do as reflected in our Vision and Values;

Our Vision –  Preventing and fighting crime. Keeping our communities and people safe.

Our Values – We’re professional, accountable, and united. And we do everything with respect.

We are extremely fortunate in Lancashire to be in the very safe hands of an exceptional team of chief officers and senior staff who possess an enormous range of skills and experience between them. Each has their own areas of expertise, and together they strive to ensure our constabulary is the best it can be.

If you are interested in joining this team and resonate with our values, then we look forward to hearing from you.

Sacha Hatchett

Chief Constable


Why Lancashire?

Founded in 1839, Lancashire Constabulary covers an area of 1,189 square miles. The county has a population of nearly 1.5 million people with a rich diversity of communities, all with specific policing needs. Serving them is demanding and challenging but incredibly rewarding. We enjoy one of the most diverse and interesting regions in the UK, and no day is the same.

The constabulary is split into three divisions, West, South and East and our Headquarters is based in Hutton, Preston, with our Dogs and Mounted section nearby. Each division is run by a Chief Superintendent. To accommodate our workforce of just over 6,000 people we have an extensive network of locations across the county.

To ensure we fulfil our commitment to policing Lancashire, we have a very special workforce made up of over 3,000 Police Officers and approximately 2,500 Police Staff – of which 290 are PCSOs and 460 Special Constabulary Officers, Police Cadets and Community Volunteers.

Our force covers a hugely diverse geographic area, from coastal towns, including Blackpool and Morecambe, to the buzz of our large towns, city centres, and rural communities too.

Lancashire has a £30.8bn economy, 1.5m residents, 732,000 jobs and 53,000 businesses. There is a large visitor economy worth £4.4bn, attracting almost 69m visitors annually.

By joining Lancashire Police you will become part of a force which is as wonderfully diverse as the geography.

Daily Demands…

Take a look at some of the demands of Lancashire Constabulary

Mobile Phone Received 887 999 calls and 1678 non-emergency calls
Make 82 arrest 4 of which are for sexual offences
Have 357 crimes reported
Deal with House20 burglaries
Carry out 55 stop & searches
Deal with 140 anti-social behaviour incidents
Submit 23 vulnerable adult and 37 vulnerable child referrals 1 of which are CSE related
Support 3610 families enrolled in the troubled families programme
Deal with 150 violent crimes
Attend 46 road traffic collisions
Deal with 64 thefts
Responded to 4 missing person reports

Our ideal candidate will

  • Demonstrate confident and decisive decision making skills.
  • Inspire and engage people to meet challenging organisational goals, creating and maintaining the momentum for change.
  • Be proactive in nature with the desire to drive and implement change.
  • Be able to establish a clear future and direction, focused on delivering the force vision and strategy.
  • Act with integrity, in line with the values and ethical standards of the Police Service.
  • Delivers on promises, demonstrating personal commitment, energy and drive to get things done.
  • Demonstrate ownership of delivery – you must be able to deliver outcomes through effective leadership of others.
  • Promote a real belief in public service, focusing on what matters to the public and will best serve their interests.
  • Have a dedicated and genuine passion about health, well-being, diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • Build effective working relationships with people through clear communication and a collaborative approach.
  • Be compatible with the current Chief Officer Team, working closely in collaboration with them to achieve the best outcomes.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered you MUST meet all the eligibility requirements:

  • Be able to demonstrate the competencies of an Assistant Chief Constable.
  • Currently be a serving police officer and have either completed PNAC and Strategic Command Course or are undertaking the Executive Leadership Programme ELP (Cohort 1 or 2).

Assistant Chief Constable Application Process

Applications close at 9am on Monday 10th June 2024

This role is required to operate at Level 3 in the Competency Values Framework (CVF).  More information about the CVF can be found here.

You will be notified of your application outcome shortly there the applications closing dater via the online recruitment portal where you submitted your application.

The Stakeholder Panel interviews are scheduled to take place on Thursday 14th and or Friday 15th June 2024.


We will notify you of the outcome of the final interview shortly after all the interviews have taken place.