One Team – Different Roles



You can only apply for one entry route so…

How do you choose which route to apply for?

Firstly, you need to have a degree to apply for these routes. If you haven’t, then the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship is the route for you.

Now you need to take a look at the dedicated information pages for Police Officer Degree Holder Entry Programme and the Detective Entry Programme. On these pages you will find out about the entry routes and can hear from some of our current officers about why they love what they do.

If you choose to apply for the Uniformed Officer route it does not mean that you cannot choose to become a detective further into your career. You will have the opportunity to make applications to all specialisms when you have successfully completed the training.

Check out our latest vlog posts featuring films of our Uniformed Officers and Detectives explaining more about the departments they work in.

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What is the difference between the roles?

Essentially every officer works to our same core purpose – to keep people safe and feeling safe and, when needed, we can be trusted to consistently deliver a competent and compassionate service 24/7.

For the first year of training there is no difference between the roles. Everyone will be in uniform, training together, learning everything you need to know to gain Independent Patrol Status and how to be a Police Officer. In the second year of training, Uniformed officers will go on to learn a number of specialist tactics specific to uniformed policing and those on the Detective Entry Programme will change focus and become Trainee Investigators.

Upon successful completion of the training;

Uniformed officers will have the opportunity to choose to specialise in one of the five core areas of policing: Immediate Response, Community and Neighbourhood, Road / Traffic, Intelligence or Investigation (Detective).

Detective Entry officers will have the opportunity to work in departments including Child Protection, Safeguarding, Intelligence, MOSOVO (Management of Sexual or Violent Offenders), or Proactive – where detectives work in plain clothes investigating serious and complex crimes such as child exploitation, drugs supply, county lines and organised crime.