From the devices used by frontline officers to the systems used at our 999 Control Room — our ICT teams support the IT network than connects our 6,000-strong organisation so that we can be responsive and effective 24 hours a day. They’re innovators, problem solvers and experts in their field, and their work enables Lancashire Constabulary to keep people and communities safe. 


The organisational hub of ICT, our Admin/Stores team manages reception, meetings and visitors to the department. They also keep stock of everything in our stores and process any orders.


The Airwave team supports the Force Control Room, which is where 999 and non-emergency 101 calls are answered. They also support the Airwave radios used by officers across the organisation. 

How can our systems be improved? What do teams need? How do we achieve organisational goals? These questions are the focus of our Business Analyst team. Through a process of research, negotiation, and expectation management, they enable us to implement solutions that work for everyone

Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, monitor or smartphone, it’s the job of Client Support to provide technical support for every device used by our tea

Our Connect/Applications team manages relationships with suppliers of hosted platforms and critical systems, working closely with them through the implementation, testing and deployment stages of system development.  

Data is central to decision-making at a hi-tech organisation like ours. By ensuring data is organised, secure and properly structured, our Database Management team drives better, more cost-effective business decisions.  

The Development Team makes us a more capable organisation by developing, testing and implementing bespoke software and systems solutions in response to business needs

Lancashire Constabulary is in the process of Digital Transformation. The Digital team comprises members from technical and front-line policing backgrounds, who work together to support a transformation that works for everyone.  

The team that keeps Lancashire Constabulary connected – the Networks team designs, installs and maintains our IT networks. Their troubleshooting, testing and configuring keeps communication lines open and interrupted, which is vital to our operation.

When new IT systems are delivered, our Project Support team is there to track and resolve issues and provide governance to ensure that key deliverables are achieved and deadlines met.  

The face of the ICT department, Service Desk is the first point of contact for team members needing IT support. Advising and assisting colleagues over the phone and via email, Service Desk will also triage incidents that require input from the wider ICT department. 

Taking a central role in the design, direction and management of ICT Security Infrastructure, the Technical Authority team advises on risk and implements systems solutions to reduce or avert it.  

Maintaining our server infrastructure, the Technical Support team diagnoses and resolves problems and keeps our systems secure, stable and operational around the clock. 

The full spectrum of vocal communication at our organisation – from call centres to switchboards, handset to headsets – is managed by our Telecommunications team.  

Case Study


Job title: CONNECT System Administrator

Length of service: 5 Months

When I started at Lancashire Constabulary, I had absolutely no knowledge of the systems. The Constabulary has been incredibly supportive since I joined. From the get-go, there has been a very structured direction in place for my learning. I have been given all the resources and training material I need to help expand my knowledge. All the team have also been very helpful teaching me all the systems we support. Considering how busy the role is, everyone has shown great patience with me, which I appreciate greatly. 

I really enjoy getting into an issue which really tests my ability. Or doing some high-level configuration work. There is a great feeling of satisfaction when you complete a big task.


Case Study


Job title:  ICT Service Desk Analyst

Length of service:  22½ years

The Service Desk answers calls from members of staff within the Organisation about ICT queries relating to desktop computers, laptops, Samsungs, landline phones, tablets, radios. If the issue relates to a desktop computer/laptop, we can remotely access the device to try and resolve the call.  If the issue can’t be resolved, it’s then triaged through to 2nd line teams to investigate further and resolve.    

I started at Lancashire Constabulary in 2000 as a WPO in the Professional Standards Dept for 14yrs. Unfortunately due to the review, my role was disestablished in 2014 but I saw an internal job advert for an ICT Service Desk Analyst, applied and have been here since. The supervisors have always been very supportive and I have had the opportunity to attend courses and also shadowed other Teams within and outside of ICT.


Case Study

Peter S

Job Title: ICT Systems Engineer

Length of Service: 19 years

I have had a varied career here at Lancashire Constabulary and prior to working in ICT have worked in the Control Room and HR .  I think one of the most interesting aspects about my role and department is the constant development and evolution of new ICT systems. Recently this has been largely about migration towards cloud-based management of our systems and services.  The support the  department and team provides to the wider business areas is hugely varied.  

The best parts about working for Lancashire Constabulary for me is the support they give towards on-going personal development with assistance in providing courses and help towards job related certifications, the fantastic welfare support and finally, the commitment the organisation has to helping employees getting a good work/life balance – this includes flexible working and hybrid working from home.

Peter S