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Keeping our communities safe takes a huge number of people from all kinds of backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experience. There is so much more to consider than meets the eye when choosing a career at Lancashire Police.

As with any large organisation, there are many cogs required to keep the wheel turning, and our constabulary is no different. We have over 3,000 officers providing a visible service in a huge array of roles and functions.

Do you have what it takes to be one of them? Find out if a career with us is just the change you’re looking for, and what kind of challenges, experiences and rewards are in store for those who join us.

There are four different ways of joining policing:

  1. PCDA – A degree level apprentiship that is a three year course that is run in association with a  university.
  2. DHEP – A graduate diploma that is a two year course, for potential recruits who already hold a level 6 degree also run in  association with a  university.
  3. PPD – For those potential recruits who have already gained a licenced Professional Policing Degree from a university.
  4. PCEP – A none accredited two year course with in house police training.

Lancashire Constabulary are currently offering PCEP and PPD entry routes to new officers.

Below you can read about the different entry routes into a frontline policing role.


Police Officer – Police Constable Entry Programme

The Non-Degree Entry is a route into policing based on your previous work / life experience. This route is a traditional entry route into uniformed policing. The programme suits those who are not looking to complete a degree qualification and are looking to concentrate their time on developing into an excellent police officer.


Police Officer – Bsc Professional Policing Degree holder entry

You have already completed the BSc Professional Policing degree so you are pretty sure that a career in policing is the right path for you. Joining on this route is the fastest way to operational policing and you will be out on patrol in your teams after a short period of initial training. This new route (we welcomed our first cohort in the summer of 2022) combines high calibre training with operational duties on the frontline.


Police Officer – Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship

Are you a school or college leaver wanting to go straight into a profession? Or perhaps you’re looking for a change of career? The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship is the ideal solution for those without a degree to learn on the job and study alongside patrol duties as they train to become a fully-fledged police constable. It’s an intense three-year programme that is run in association with a university, and offers an exciting opportunity to combine academic with practical learning whilst operating as an officer from day one.


Special Constable

Special Constables are a vital and valued part of the Constabulary, with the same uniform and powers of arrest as Police Officers. Special Constables are known to come from all walks of life – they are teachers, taxi drivers, accountants and secretaries, or any number of other careers. Could this role be perfect for you?