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We believe in individuality, diversity, and initiative – people who can be counted on – not simply counted. We are looking for individuals who can fill the ranks of Lancashire’s finest staff and officers, who will help us serve one of the most diverse, demanding and interesting regions this country has to offer.

We offer great benefits, proper training, the full commitment of our impressive resources, a career for life, and most importantly roles that truly make a difference.

Find out if a career with us is just the change you’re looking for.


Police Officer Degree Holder Entry Programme recruitment is open and closes on 17th May 2021.

Applying to become a Police Officer is an exciting time in anyone’s career. For this Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) recruitment opportunity, we are opening applications for both Uniformed and Detective Entry positions.

You can only apply for one entry route so find out more about these roles to help make your choice!


Special Constable recruitment is open and closes on 21st May 2021.

Special constables are volunteer police officers who come from all walks of life, bringing a vast range of skills and experience. Specials are a vital and valued part of the Constabulary, with the same uniform and powers of arrest as Police Officers.

Being a special constable is both exciting and rewarding and, for many, you will get to see the real difference you can make to peoples lives.


Police Control Room Operator recruitment opens on 12th May and closes on 26th May 2021.

Being a Police Control Room Operator (PCRO) is more than just answering calls, it’s about obtaining and providing accurate information to ensure the right decisions are made to help and keep people safe.

Being a PCRO is both exciting and rewarding. Working in our brand new state if the art Control Room, your voice will make a difference to people in need.

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