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Volunteering Opportunities – Citizens in Policing


Volunteering Opportunities through Citizens in Policing

Who are Citizens in Policing?

They are Special Constables, Police Support Volunteers and Volunteer Police Cadets that are all managed and supported in Lancashire by Lancashire Constabulary.

At Lancashire Constabulary we recognise the value and importance that volunteers bring to the policing community. This is done through various aspects, such as community engagement and focusing on frontline duties.

The great thing about volunteers is that they come from an array of different backgrounds, bring with them varied knowledge, experience and skillsets, and following training, can make an invaluable contribution by giving up their time in a various range of roles complimenting the work of police officers and police staff.

If you’d like to read more on Citizens in Policing, visit their website.

There are specialist areas within volunteering that could be of interest, take a look at the areas below:


Police Cadet

The Police Cadet family welcome those aged between 13 & 18 who are looking to engage in enjoyable activities that make a difference and want to be involved with some of Lancashire Constabulary’s initiatives. All that’s required is positive attitude and a desire to help others! Whatever your background, social group, gender, ethnicity, ability / disability and whether you have an interest in the police or not, or even if you’ve previously been in trouble, we’d love you to get in touch.


Special Constable

Lancashire’s Special Constabulary consists of volunteers, who form a fundamental part of the police family, working alongside regular officers to police their local community. What’s great about being a Special Constable is that those people who already have an established career i.e., GP, they can continue doing this, however, able to bring highly valuable experience to support in the needs of today’s society. Our Specials perform the same duties as regular officers, receive the same high-level training, and have the same powers and authority as regular Police Officers.


Police Support Volunteers

Police Support Volunteers (PSV) are not warranted police officers, and possess no policing powers, however, are a vital part of the force that involves civilian and office-based duties. By becoming a Police Support Volunteer at Lancashire constabulary, you could be involved in various parts of the services within the force. This could be helping local policing teams grow their relationships within communities through Independent Advisory Groups (IAG), supporting with our road watch initiative or even facilitate Restorative Justice and family mediation meetings.

This is just a small insight into volunteering opportunities, a way to give back to your community and pick up new skills and knowledge all whilst fitting in with your existing commitments.