Estates and Facilities Management

Estates and Facilities Management

Introducing Estates and Facilities Management

Our Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) department has a huge remit and is made up of several teams with very diverse roles. We are the department responsible for anything related to property; from surveying, purchasing and selling assets such as property and land, to maintaining and developing first-class office accommodation and storage. 


The Estates Project team works on any current significant projects relating to property, such as the recent refurbishment of Bamber Bridge Police Station. The team is made up of project managers, project support officers, estates development officers, CAD technicians and architectural technicians. 


The Assets and Strategy team deals with stakeholders as diverse as sheep farmers and auctioneers. It’s responsible for the acquisition and disposal of land and property; leases and licences; dispute resolutions, valuations; dilapidation surveys; and decommissioning and legislation. 

This team oversees property maintenance and repairs, grounds maintenance, security and clothing stores. They make sure that all the buildings and physical environments used by our Force are safe, clean, well maintained and compliant.

Our Building Surveyors are responsible for the upkeep of our buildings, making sure they are fully maintained and compliant, which includes roofs, gutters, windows, doors and outdoor areas such as paths and car parks. They are also responsible for fire and asbestos safety across all our buildings. 

The Mechanical and Electrical team is responsible for the compliance, maintenance and repairs of the Force’s mechanical and electrical systems which includes fire alarms, lifts, and the water, electrical, and heating and ventilation systems. It is also involved with the implementation of renewable energy to help reduce our carbon footprint. 

There is a Divisional Facilities Management team based in every one of our divisions, including HQ, providing facilities support to staff in their division. This could include coordinating and assisting with office and furniture moves, providing stationery, locker allocations and proximity access. 

Our Grounds Maintenance team is responsible for the upkeep of all of our outdoor spaces which can include anything from cutting the grass to weed killing – even topiary when required! 

This team is responsible for the security at our Hutton HQ site. Their day-to-day tasks include greeting visitors, dealing with parking pass requests and car parking issues and regularly patrolling the site. 

The Clothing Stores team plays a key role in making sure that all staff have the right uniform, clothing and other personal protective equipment so that our officers can perform their duties as safely as possible. They have also introduced an environmentally friendly uniform recycling scheme. 

The Catering team is spread across all our division including HQ to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for thousands of members of staff every day. The team also provides catering for meetings, operations and events such as awards evening. 

Case Study

Crissie Marshall-Kimberley

Job title: Head of Estates and Facilities Management

Length of service: 8 years

“I started my career in the Constabulary as a Project Support Administrator, which was a complete u-turn since qualifying in Law. I worked on a variety of projects and really enjoyed the challenge, so decided to get my Project Manager qualifications. I went on to manage a number of projects across the force, including centralising the control rooms from six to one back in 2011.

I left the Force but returned in 2018 in the position of Head of Estates and Facilities when the department required some major change. In 2019 we won the Best Public Service Building award at the LABC North West Building Excellence Awards for our new Divisional HQ in Blackpool. I have been in the role nearly five years now and love the challenge and variety that the role brings.

Crissie Marshall-Kimberley