Personality Quiz

Personality Quiz

What's your workplace personality?

Are you an Enthusiast? A Helper? Or maybe a Peacemaker?

Take our workplace personality quiz to find out what makes you, you... and find out why we think you would be a great fit at Lancashire Constabulary.

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When it comes to a creative meeting do you prefer to...?

Q2 of 10

Your boss has noticed the mood seems low in the office lately and asks you to plan something to boost morale. Do you...?

Q3 of 10

You’re in charge of organising the Christmas celebrations. This year lots of employees are asking for a big joint party, and for it to be fancy dress. Do you...?

Q4 of 10

The force is taking part in a documentary about working in the police. Would you rather

Q5 of 10

You’re asked to deliver an online training session for your team. How do you feel?

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Which best describes you?

Q7 of 10

The Police Control Room Operators are outstanding but there’s been a sudden flurry of complaints pointing to a system error. Do you

Q8 of 10

It’s been an especially busy shift and you arrive at work to discover some vehicles have been broken into overnight. How do you react?

Q9 of 10

You get called to a job in the middle of the night. It’s cold and wet, and you know the area is quite hilly and remote. What are your immediate thoughts?

Q10 of 10

Your team has organised a charity 100k running challenge and are looking for volunteers. Do you


The Achiever

You have a success-driven mentality and strive to ensure goals and objectives are met to the highest standard. Hard-working, competitive and highly focused in the pursuit of your aspirations, your ability to motivate and inspire others to be their best selves makes you a great leader.

Lancashire Constabulary value this personality type as Achievers are consistent in their approach to providing the best service to our communities and are happy to share accountability for making sure goals are met.


The Enthusiast

An adventure-seeker who thrives on excitement and strategy, you always have an eye to the future as you’re convinced something better is just around the corner. A quick thinker with boundless energy and a never-ending plan of action, you are extroverted, multi-talented, creative and open-minded.

Lancashire Constabulary values this personality type because Enthusiasts are accountable for objectives and goals and able to react rapidly to challenging and unexpected situations with ease whilst planning strategically.


The Helper

You measure your worth on how helpful you are, showing selflessness towards others. Making a positive difference to people is a primary goal and provides you with a feeling of accomplishment. You are the type of person who remembers everyone’s birthdays and will go the extra mile to help a co-worker, spouse or friend in need.

Lancashire Police value this personality type as being a Helper is at the core of our purpose and code of ethics.


The Improver

A perfectionist, who is responsible for a keen focus on improvement, you like to make things work better and excel at spotting opportunities to innovate. This drives your desire to create order out of chaos.

Lancashire Police value this personality type because Improvers ensure continuous development and innovation, which are vital to being the very best we can be.


The Individualist

You are unique and different. Independent and self-reliant, you invest yourself completely in every situation. A self-starter who can manage tasks easily, being part of a team is also important as you encourage others to embrace their own uniqueness and individuality.

Lancashire Police value this personality type as we encourage openness and diversity and individualists often bring unique skills and ideas to innovate.


The Investigator

A thinker who observes before making decisions, you feel comfortable and at home in the realm of your thoughts. An intelligent, well-read and thoughtful individual who frequently becomes an expert in each and every area that captures your interest.

Lancashire Constabulary value this personality type because Investigators base their decision-making upon fairness, honesty and integrity.


The Peacemaker

You seek peace and harmony in all aspects of life, managing conflict respectfully with a level head. Easy-going with an active social life, you tend to adopt the strategy of “going with the flow”. Likeable, steady and reliable, people find you easy to approach and know they can depend on you.

Lancashire Constabulary values this personality type as the Peacemaker’s core values and decisions are based on truth rather than personal feelings or opinions when considering and representing facts.