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Police Cadet

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Lancashire Police Cadet motto – ‘Let’s Go Out and Do Some Good’

Are you aged between 13 – 18 years old and feel motivated by the motto ‘Let’s Go Out and Do Some Good’? If so, a place on our Police Cadet Scheme might be the perfect opportunity for you.

It might be that you would like to see if a career in the police service is for you, or perhaps you really want to make a difference in the community where you live. You can be a shining example of the positive contribution young people can make to keep Lancashire safe.

We welcome cadets from any background, social group, gender, ethnicity, ability / disability and whether you have an interest in the police or not. We welcome young people who may have previously been in trouble with the police or may feel some disconnection with their peers and community. 

We are not looking to recruit future police officers but want to give all young people a chance to be heard, support their community and develop skills to become fantastic citizens in a fun, friendly and exciting way.

Entry Requirements

A positive attitude with the desire to help other people.


Benefits of being a cadet

  • Make new friends.
  • Take part in fun and exciting activities.
  • Support your own community through volunteering and social action projects.
  • Challenge yourself to learn and develop new skills.
  • Gain an insight into British policing.
  • Opportunity to join the cadet leadership programme.
  • Police Cadets are based in local colleges across Lancashire and meet one night a week. Cadets are taught basic knowledge in a variety of policing activities and the law, gaining an insight into road safety, first aid, personal safety, conflict management and problem solving.

What is involved in being a cadet?

  • Volunteering at a community event for at least three hours each month.
  • Undertaking a wide range of important activities, from carrying out environmental work such as beach cleans to visiting lonely people in hospital and raising funds for local charities.
  • Attending college one night a week to work towards our 4 stage Community Leadership programme, gaining basic law and policing knowledge and an insight into road safety, first aid, personal safety, conflict management and problem solving.
  • Visiting different departments such as Dog Section, Firearms Unit, Roads Policing, Mounted branch and Scenes of Crime unit.
  • The chance to express views on policing issues.

Case Study


Aged 13

Burnley Cadets

Sameer has been a Cadet for 1 year now and initially joined because he wants to pursue a career as a Police Officer.

He said: “Helping people is really important to me and being a cadet means I get to do this whilst learning lots of different things and making new friends.  As a Cadet, I get to go to different places that I wouldn’t usually go and learn loads about a variety of things like dementia awareness, the law and rules and regulations.  

“Another bonus of joining the Cadets is making a whole new group of friends who all have similar interests to me.”

The most exciting time as a Cadet that I can think of, is getting to explore the new Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) kit.  We got to learn all about it and have a go with it ourselves, which was fun!

Case Study


Aged 16

Hyndburn Cadets

Aliya has been a Cadet for 3 years now.  Aliya has always wanted to be a Police Officer.  She said “Ever since I was about 5 years old I knew I wanted to be a Police Officer so as soon as I turned 13 and was eligible to join the Cadets I applied. 

She said: “I have had the opportunity to do loads of things including tree planting, patrolling at events like fireworks displays and fairs and getting involved in fund raising by helping pack bags for charity.”

If someone is considering joining I would say to go for it.  It is a great place to make new friends who all share similar passions and you get to find out more about being a Police Officer too!


Case Study


Aged 15

Hyndburn Cadets

Thomas has been a Cadet for 2 years and initially applied as he is unsure on his future career.  Thomas said ” I am considering a career as an Engineer or a Police Officer so joined the Cadets so I can find out more about policing.”

“The best part for me so far is the time I won a trophy at the annual Cadets festival.  This was a fun event where I got to take part in team building challenges, including an assault course” he commented.

So far I have met a few different officers from different departments as they often visit our sessions to tell us about their jobs and what they do.  I am really looking forward to meeting the Dog Handling team and the police dogs.

Case Study


Aged 17 

Pendle Cadets

Alyvia has been a Cadet now for 3 years.  Alyvia knows she would like a career in public service and joined the cadets to learn more about the role of a Police Officer and to help with her Public Service course which she is completing at Burnley College. 

Alyvia said:” Being a Cadet has given me lots of experience in public service and will help me build up a strong CV for when I do apply to become a Police Officer.”

Members of the public are always very interested to talk to us when we are out in the community and being a Cadet has helped with my confidence.  I meet new people all the time and have made some great friends at my Cadet group.

Case Study


Aged 17

West Lancashire Cadets

Isaac has been a cadet now for 5 years.  He said: “I have always had an interest in Policing from a young age and joining as a Cadet has been fantastic.  I am now a Drill Sergeant which has taught me extra skills in team leading and building.”

“Making new friends has been a real added bonus to joining the Cadets.  We all get along really well and have lots of fun whilst learning new things too!!

My favourite experience so far as been getting involved in the Remembrance Day Parade.  I was chosen as a leader of my cadet group for this occasion and we got to meet Cadets from other organisations like the armed forces.  I am going to apply to become a Special Constable when I go to University too. 

Case Study


Aged 16

West Lancashire Cadets

James has been a cadet for 3 years now and really wants to stay until he is 17 years old.  James said:” I knew I wanted to apply to be a Cadet as I wanted to learn more about what being in the Police might be like.  I have decided that I would like to apply to become a Police Officer after experiencing Policing first hand.  It is also something different to do in my spare time than the usual sports clubs at school.”


Helping in the community is one of the many things that I enjoy about being a Cadet.  We also get some fantastic guest speakers at our sessions from Detectives and Firearms Officers which is brilliant.

Where Can I be a Cadet?

We have 12 Cadet units across the Lancashire, all based at accessible venues.

They are located at;

  • Fleetwood (Fleetwood Nautical College)
  • Burnley (Burnley College)
  • Preston (Prestons College + Cardinall Newman College)
  • Blackburn (Blackburn College)
  • Accrington (Accrington and Rossendale College)
  • Nelson (Nelson College)
  • Skelmersdale (West Lancashire College)
  • Leyland (Runshaw College)
  • Blackpool North (Blackpool and Fylde College)
  • Blackpool South (The Old Library)
  • Lancaster (University of Cumbria)

Become a Cadet Leader

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop yourself? Do you want to lead and inspire young people?

Support the Lancashire Police Cadets and volunteer to be part of our scheme in Lancashire.

If you are over 18 and want to make a difference to some young people’s lives then get involved in our Cadet program. From local community projects, fundraising and Princes Trust achievements, to simple having an impact on your local area, it could be the ideal venture for you.

Take a look at our available opportunities by clicking the button below!

Police Cadet Application Process Application Process

When applications are open, you are able to complete and submit your form online.

You should look to include as much relevant experience, knowledge and skills as you can within the space provided. 

You will want to include information about yourself where you can showcase your your interests and what you enjoy doing.  This can be from experience at school, sports or social clubs or in any paid or voluntary work also.


We will invite successful applicants to join us for an interview.  This is more of a friendly and informal chat where we will be able to explain a bit more about what is involved in being a Cadet and get the chance to answer any questions you may have.

For successful applicants, we will confirm your start date and arrange everything for your induction first week.